The Scout Points System

The Scout points system will be run in accordance to the following:

Scouts can earn (or lose) points at every scout activity they attend

Scouts can earn up to 20 points per Troop meeting

Any one member of the leader team will inspect your Patrol at the start of the meeting. They will award your points.

You will get maximum points if you are smart and in full uniform including the following:

          1.	Attendance
          2.	Scout Shirt - Cleaned and Ironed, All badges awarded and fitted properly
          3.	Navy Blue Activity Trousers - Cleaned and Ironed
          4.	Group Scarf  - Cleaned and Ironed, Rolled Correctly and Named
          5.	School Shoes - Clean, No Trainers
          6.	Scout Pocket Book
          7.	A Pen and Piece of Paper

Scouts will be awarded 100 bonus points for attending Church Parade, Double Points if less than Half the Troop attend

Scouts will be awarded 500 bonus points for attending St Georges Day Parade

Bonus points can be added by any member of the Leader Team at anytime

Scouts can earn extra points when you attend other events and camps - these depend on the activity

Points for attending camps and activities will be added automatically

Points can be deducted at anytime by any member of the Leader Team

The leader team manages the points system. Their decision is final

If you find a mistake in the points awarded please contact them